The 10 Energies seminar is a completely new way to look at sexuality, taking the emphasis off the mechanics of what we do, and putting the focus on how we do it. Being aware of the energy with which we approach our partners is nothing short of miraculous for having the kind of sex you already know you want, the kind of sex you don’t know you want yet, and uncovering endless possibilities for more erotic and soulful connection. Deeply understanding your own unique sexual proclivities never fails to entice what you need into your current or future relationships, so come be sparked!

Some questions this workshop can answer for you:

Why does the same sexual act turn me on one day and not the next?

Why is a specific practice arousing with one person and not another?

Why do I date the wrong people?

Why is my sexual attraction greater to someone who is not suited to me personality-wise?

Why doesn’t my partner want to have sex with me anymore?

Even though I know I’m kinky, why does my BDSM practice feel mechanical?


Participants have called it “fun” “frank” “sexy” “insightful” “informative” with “clarity” that “emphasized connection” and “changed how I look at my sexuality forever.” The next class is at the Pleasure Chest on October 3 and it’s FREE. Find it HERE.

More Testimonials:

““10 Energies To Spark Your Sex Life” is a must for anyone who likes to talk about sex, have sex, or think about having sex… which is almost everyone, so go ahead and take it. An intelligent and funny woman who could literally talk about paint drying and you’d be riveted, the material is so engaging, I could listen to her talk about sex forever- except I couldn’t wait to go home and apply what I had learned.”

A.B. TV Writer, Los Angeles

“Susanna’s “10 Energies” was so much fun and intriguing it should be a weekend event in a cabin over wine and cuddles. Susanna is forthright, funny and bright. She shares personal stories allowing her students to feel comfortable to share their own. I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s experiences with sex. This class is needed and should be shared with all.” 

J.B., Psychologist, Los Angeles

“Shines light on 100 different ways that I experience my own personal relationship with sex. This class gives identity to my most intimate driving forces while laying them in front of me to acknowledge, appreciate, and harness.” 

J.V., Medical Marketing Manager

“Even people who feel that they are open-minded and progressive, sometimes encounter hang-ups when they want to get to the core of their relationships and sexual desires.  Susanna’s wonderful workshop, “10 Energies” cuts right through to the heart of the matter. A frank, funny and enlightening conversation develops in the seminar and a lot of “ah-ha” moments emerge in the room, when you hear part of your own story revealed in the conversation. Suddenly, you see how those thoughts you were having and might not have understood, are healthy and can bring you more happiness. If you want to have breakthroughs in your own love life and relationships – taking it to new levels of understanding and exploration, I urge you to sign up for the next workshop. You won’t regret it.”

B.K., Film Production

“The workshop was super helpful. I’m able to think about the things that turn me on in a way that has labels so I can identify aspects of what I like and articulate them. That’s incredibly useful!”

C.A., Comedian