“If you had told me, before I started working with Susanna, where I would be in my life a few short months later, I would not have believed you. I have always known life could be different, and I have struggled and worked enormous amounts to make it more that way. In the time I’ve been working with Susanna, however, my progress has multiplied exponentially! I’ve had more insights – and put more of them into practice – than the last several years put together! Susanna sees who I am and helps me see that myself in a gentle, loving, encouraging way, while also being forthright and telling me what I need to hear. Susanna works at your pace and in the way you arrive, and helps you understand who you are trying to be and why. She helps you see what you want without attacking you with it, and without judgment or shame; rather, with joy and excitement and love, and utter acceptance for who you are and what you desire. If you want to reach that same utter acceptance for who you are and what you desire, I cannot recommend Susanna highly enough. She has helped me, and I know she can do the same for you!”
Michael H., Software Engineer, Seattle, WA

“Susanna has been a godsend as I’ve traversed the difficulties of transformation of my 25 year marriage into a into a different type of partnership based on friendship, peace and respect. Her work has not only been practical in helping me find success in creating a new 2 household family that is still connected and loving but also helped me deeply understand my needs, desires and embrace my sexual self in the process. The healing has been profound and I’m tremendously grateful for having found her at this time in my life.”
L.S., CEO, Ventura, CA
“Thank you for meeting with us, I had such a wonderful experience. It was refreshing and raw to get to see [my husband] hear from you so many of the things I wanted to tell him. I am eternally grateful for the openness you’ve helped us create with each other. I rave about you to my friends!”
J.H., Teacher/Graduate student, Los Angeles

“The moment Susanna told me she’s a Sexual Intuitive, I knew she was who I’ve been searching for for years. Everything she has done for me since we first met has confirmed that initial feeling. Susanna makes me feel like the feelings and desires I have are natural and healthy. She has helped me become a person I’ve wanted to be by encouraging me to be the most genuine version of myself, to stop playing games, and most importantly, to be patient and have self discipline. I’m grateful to have found someone who pushes be as forward and honest as I want, but reminds me about the importance of timing that forwardness. She has retaught me how to listen to my intuition to get my needs met. Susanna helps me accomplish my goals much the same way any healer does: by looking at where the issues lie and finding solutions for long-term health rather than momentary enjoyment. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

P. G., Furniture Designer, Los Angeles

“Where do I start!!!! Amazing, gifted, special, powerful, funny, compassionate, understanding, caring, I can go on and on, of words that describe Susanna’s way of being with me while in session. I can feel her compassion and love pouring out, holding space, being present. The best of all is her joy and exuberance when she gets an intuitive hit. I wait in excitement to hear what she has to say and it is always poignant, hits it right on the nose, leaving no room for the mind to get a hold of. I am grateful Susanna has found her way into my life. I am a better human being and a better man because of it.”
Sam B., Real Estate Developer, Los Angeles

“I’m not prone to hyperbole but working with Susanna has literally changed my life. She knew instantly what my most debilitating issues were, how they were holding me back and what to do about them. Within the span of our first hour together she took me through an exercise that gave me back my power, and started changing my results. Instantly. It sounds too good to be true, but trust me, it works. She is amazing and working with her is the best investment you can make in your own happiness.”
Bob P., Marketing Manager, Los Angeles

“I feel so fortunate to have found Susanna after searching for a mentor in dating, sexuality, and relationships. Susanna’s ability to cut through the societal expectations and just bad information out there on sexuality and relationships has helped me grow personally and grow closer in my relationship with the love of my life. I have worked with therapists for a few years now and although their professional experience and education helped me in some areas of my life, I always felt at a loss with my personal relationships, especially where sex was involved. Susanna helped me to tune into myself, which is where it all starts. I recommend her to anyone who feels disconnected with their sexuality whether single or in a relationship. Her intuition is so powerful.”
Candace G., Occupational Therapist, Northern California

“In the wave of male celebrity misdemeanours coming to light last year (need I name it), Margaret Atwood suggested an updated etiquette guide be released for men (male men, I guess). Susanna Brisk’s “How to Get Laid Using Your Intuition” does this job, whilst thankfully sidestepping the focus on men by being advice for all and any gender. Using her tips, men cannot fail to act more compassionately when looking for sex and women can take charge of their own sex lives. Everyone can and should express themselves sexually, is the message. No excuses not to find sex in the most feelgood way possible. With Sexual Intuition at the core of this concise but comprehensive book, Susanna combines examples, filth, jokes, instructions, cautions and encouragement to those who need it. From my personal experience, having had a few sessions with Susanna, this all made sense. It is all about exploring and confirming what you already know about yourself in terms of sex, and experimenting with it, acting on it. I feel more comfortable knowing what I want and knowing that my intuitions can change from chapter to chapter in my life. More importantly, I’ll feel myself more (in more ways than one) and get the confidence to f**k when I’m ready. It’s an ongoing process, but Susanna’s wisdom and assurance is driving this man forward to the right sex.”

J.C., North London, United Kingdom

“Your guidance and support have been so valuable and I feel so grateful to have it. You are the best “Fuck Zone” mamma/guide. Thank you for believing in me and teaching me to embrace who I am and what I want, and know that it’s wanted in the world.”

Brenda, Finance, Texas

“Susanna Brisk is an intuitive and eye-opening voice in an arena where people are afraid to talk and open. She is understanding, has more experience than most, and can help navigate you to the light. In one session I felt more acceptance of my sexuality than in years of therapy combined. She changed my life.”

G.C., Doctor, Montana

“Susanna is a wonderful coach. With her support, I was able to get past a long and discouraging dry spell. Her enthusiasm helped me look at the daunting process of dating with renewed optimism and to see opportunities that I was missing. She helped me move past painful self doubt, navigate crises, and develop a dating style that is forthright and caring while remaining true to my own desire: to get laid, with a view to something more. I’m learning more about dating and about myself than I have in a long time, and more importantly, I have women in my life who are available, and indeed eager, for sex!”

J.S., Software developer, NYC

“Omg we now have wild animal sex!!!! Huuge breakthrough!! I just showed him the website and said how do u feel abt that and we have been going at it since!! Thanks for changing our lives! I’m F***ING serious! XXX”

Ceci C., Life Coach, Pasadena

“Love your views on sex, they have revitalized my non-existent love life, nearing my first conquest soon, was a top notch lover before, just got pissed with it all, shut down, but now growing, back to where I belong, huge respect…”

M.M., Game developer, Dublin

“Ever since I found you, my girlfriend and I have been having this transcendent, mind-blowing sex – and we have always had great sex. Thanks for helping us discover that no matter how good it is, it can always get better.”

P.Y., Advertising, Toronto

Testimonials on Susanna’s workshops:

“10 Energies To Spark Your Sex Life” is a must for anyone who likes to talk about sex, have sex, or think about having sex… which is almost everyone, so go ahead and take it. An intelligent and funny woman who could literally talk about paint drying and you’d be riveted, the material is so engaging, I could listen to her talk about sex forever- except I couldn’t wait to go home and apply what I had learned.”

A.B., TV Writer, Los Angeles

“Susanna’s “10 Energies” was so much fun and intriguing it should be a weekend event in a cabin over wine and cuddles. Susanna is forthright, funny and bright. She shares personal stories allowing her students to feel comfortable to share their own. I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s experiences with sex. This class is needed and should be shared with all.” 

J.B., Psychologist, Los Angeles

“Shines light on 100 different ways that I experience my own personal relationship with sex. This class gives identity to my most intimate driving forces while laying them in front of me to acknowledge, appreciate, and harness.” 

J.V., Medical Marketing Manager

“Even people who feel that they are open-minded and progressive, sometimes encounter hang-ups when they want to get to the core of their relationships and sexual desires.  Susanna’s wonderful workshop, “10 Energies” cuts right through to the heart of the matter. A frank, funny and enlightening conversation develops in the seminar and a lot of “ah-ha” moments emerge in the room, when you hear part of your own story revealed in the conversation. Suddenly, you see how those thoughts you were having and might not have understood, are healthy and can bring you more happiness. If you want to have breakthroughs in your own love life and relationships – taking it to new levels of understanding and exploration, I urge you to sign up for the next workshop. You won’t regret it.”

B.K., Film Production

“The workshop was super helpful. I’m able to think about the things that turn me on in a way that has labels so I can identify aspects of what I like and articulate them. That’s incredibly useful!”

C.A., Comedian