Some years ago I found myself in the definition of the American Dream, if such a thing still exists. I was living in a beautiful ocean view, white-picket fenced Malibu home, with a husband who adored me, and Irish twin boys. I had adequate help with housework and childcare, yet I was terribly depressed. Even as I experienced some artistic and career milestones (I was flown to New York to test for SNL based on many character short films I produced and acted in, started a popular blog, and published by first book) I was on multiple psych meds and often paralyzed with dread. As my storybook marriage unraveled, I became aware that an awakening was taking place.

For years I had a knack and a propensity to be able to read people’s sexual proclivities just by looking at them. It was something I viewed as normal, until I found out it wasn’t and gave it a name – Sexual Intuitive®. Within my marriage I often tuned out my “gift” so it didn’t get me into trouble. At that time, I had a mounting instinct that something was missing from my life—drastically, painfully missing—but I had no idea what it was, even though I was also in therapy and a dedicated spiritual seeker. For years my saving grace was humor (I was a stand-up comedian who worked all over the world) but stand-up was still somewhat unsatisfying. As I became more attuned to my own sexual, sensual and relationship needs and the Sexual Intuitive® ability has become even more uncanny, I was inspired to combine these abilities into one calling…

Let’s say there was someone who could look inside the deepest, dustiest corners of your heart and see what is hiding there. Just witness it. Then empathically help you figure out how to get those needs met in real life. Maybe you already know what you are “into” and you just need to find like-minded people to get up to those good, fun, filthy things with. Maybe you are in a wonderful, loving relationship, but you have an idea that sexually things could be so much better. Maybe you are just where I was—something is missing and you don’t know what it is, but it’s scratching away at the edges of your consciousness like sandpaper. Sometimes it takes a person who doesn’t have a stake in the outcome to show you what you already know on a soul level. I am confident that together we can overcome whatever issues, challenges, or shame barriers are ready to be discarded in favor of a more fully expressed you. What I offer is not “sex work” but “help you have the sex of your wildest dreams” work, and I could not be more excited to go on that journey with you.

During this pandemic, I am available for one-one-one Skype sessions from my office in Woodland Hills, California. For a free consult, take a moment to EMAIL ME NOW. You can see just some of my testimonials HERE.

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