If your sexual needs are not being met, in or out of a relationship, the possibility of radical transformation is here. Spread out weekly or fortnightly, custom homework assignments, and e-mail check-ins, this revolutionary course of coaching has transformed both single and partnered people’s lives.

What you’ll gain:

-Unprecedented comfort with—and acceptance of—your unique sexual thumbprint.

-Increased confidence dating and success attracting like-minded folks. Support and focus for the dating process.

-A noticeably more positive view of yourself and what you offer as a sexual and/or relationship partner.

-Clarity about your actual needs when it comes to sex, love, dating, and relationships.

-More ease in communicating those needs to your partner(s).

-Courage to know if it’s time to make life changes that support you better.

-A more relaxed approach to your sexuality and/or kinks leading to extraordinary new experiences in the bedroom, even in a long term marriage or situation.

-Even if you are one part of a couple and I do not coach your partner, you will see a shift in both how they relate to you and the circumstances that had you seek guidance.

7 sessions, daily, weekly or fortnightly, to unveil you to yourself. The sessions will include:
* Shame
* Stories
* Power 
* Needs vs. Wants
* Getting current
* Self-Sensing
* Safety

Each person I work with receives completely customized and personal approach, so these touchstones will unfold in a singular order that is right for you at this moment in time, with practical tools to continue working with your own Sexual Intuition.

Your paradigm shifted joyfully and swiftly with Susanna’s unique compassionate guidance. Receive custom homework assignments and weekly email check-ins as issues arise.

For smaller follow-up challenges, readings on potential partners from photos, dating profile work-ups, and even actors needing to find the sexuality of a character through their own limitations.

All sessions are Skype and/or in-office in Woodland Hills, CA.

E-mail me NOW for a complimentary 20-minute Sexual Intuitive® Skype consult to see if we are a good fit to work together.


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