Susanna Brisk is a Sexual Intuitive® who has helped thousands of people uncover how to get their authentic needs met through her personal coaching, articles, and bestselling book, “How to Get Laid Using Your Intuition.” The revolutionary tools in these recordings have been extremely effective for over a hundred of Susanna’s private clients and are now available to you to make space for a new mind- and heart-expanding reality.

Letting Go of Heartbreak and Obsession: To Make Room for What’s Next

You will compassionately reframe, understand, and, if necessary, let go completely of any romantic/sexual obsession or heartbreak that is preventing you from moving forward to whatever (or whomever) is next. The recording is 30 minutes and 50 seconds long, and contains four parts:

  1. Getting Honest (0:00)
  2. The Nature of Attachment  (9:30)
  3. Self-Energy Sensing (15:40)
  4. Letting Go  (21:21)


“I’ve struggled with obsessive thoughts my whole life, the ‘spiral’ I call it. The idea of controlling these thoughts to make logical decisions seemed daunting. Insurmountable actually. But Susanna does not make the process seem frightening. Listening to her will leave you feeling calm and empowered.”
T.S- Advertising executive, Santa Monica, CA

“The end of my three-year relationship sent me into a deep depression and I was worried if I would be able to function normally and have a healthy sexual relationship again. First, I had to let go of the obsession that kept me hostage in that relationship, and the recordings Susanna gave me were a godsend. Just hearing her voice was comforting, and after a couple months of continuing to practice the Self-Sensing™ Exercise daily, I re-entered the dating pool armed with my newfound confidence and knowledge. Within 6 months my entire life was transformed. I’m confident, I’m comfortable in my own skin, I know my worth, I’m able to articulate what I want and need from a relationship and filter out the people who didn’t meet that criteria. I’m thrilled to say I have found love again in a partner who embodies all the characteristics I wanted and more. I’m not only having the best sex of my life, but it’s comfortable, fun and exploratory.”

C.C., CT

Self-Energy Sensing™ Exercise

This exercise can create nothing less than a new way of being, if you let it.  Your deepest needs can only be understood if you’re paying close attention to what’s happening to you somatically. ‘Somatic’ means ‘of the body.’ If you’re not aware of the sensations in your own body, there’s no vehicle for the intuition to come in. The skin is the natural boundary of both the Physical and Energetic Bodies, but people who’ve had trauma or are used to disassociating from themselves (even from the daily stresses of life) don’t have an awareness of being grounded within themselves in this way. If it helps, you can think of your Energetic Body as ‘the essence of you, that’s separate from who you are physically’ i.e. your consciousness vs. your cells. 

To begin, set the intention for the Energetic Body to return to the Physical Body. This audio is intended as a gentle process that deepens the more you use it, but may bring up emotions or past hurts for you. How you’ll know you’re in the sweet spot is that it will feel powerful and contained but maybe somewhat raw and vulnerable.

Sometimes this rush of somatic awareness can leave you feeling somewhat bruised, but remember that your bruise might be someone else’s permission to desire you. Find a flat surface to sit on that is not too soft with both feet on the floor and your palms on your thighs. Make some undisturbed time for yourself and let’s begin… 


“It was wonderful to do the exercises again a few months on and note the differences. For some reason, it was the moment where I said, “I am safe” that brought on a few tears. After completing the entire exercise, I felt much more grounded in my physical body, as after a yoga session. Like I had more gravity, physically speaking. I know this’ll help anyone who tries it.”
L.C- Award-winning Visual Artist, Florida

“I had a sense of physically feeling parts of my body–especially my fingers–for the first time, which is particularly invaluable as I am a musician!”

E.J, Nurse and musician, Canada. 

*These downloads are intended for people 16 and up. They are not a promise of any outcome, or a substitute for medical help or advice.

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