Sexual Intuitive® A La Carte Couples Sessions:

These one-hour-and-a half sessions pave the evolution to a new way of being between you and your partner, one that makes use of your own natural intuitive senses. You will have the opportunity to delineate the paradigms that are no longer working and set up a new relationship structure that honors both of your needs. No desire is made “wrong” and neither is a lack of desire. Rather, we work with your unique proclivities, rather than against them.

Daily, weekly or fortnightly, you will discover your own erotic layout and how to use that to connect intimately with your partner. These will include:
* Shame
* Stories
* Power 
* Needs vs. Wants
* Getting current
* Self-Sensing
* Safety

Dynamic Relationship Retrofit:30-Day Immersion Intensive

Retrofit: 1. To outfit (a device, vehicle, building, or system) with newly developed or previously unavailable parts or equipment: retrofit cars with new safety features. 2.To install or fit (a device or system, for example) for use in or on an existing structure, especially an older dwelling.

In order to begin a process of sexual exploration safely, you and your partner will receive practical tools to untangle your current situation. To access the intuitive sense, context is important, but this immersion is not about endlessly rehashing old complaints about what got you here. Our fun, informative sessions will set you on a conscious progression towards a new relationship system; sex is no longer static or rote, but always evolving and exploratory.

With two sessions a week for a total of 8 Sessions (including Couple and Individual, customized to your needs) you and your partner will have the opportunity to ignite and/or re-spark your sexual connection. In addition, I offer unparalleled access by email with concerns, questions, or breakthroughs you would like to share between sessions.

You will receive:

Please email me for a complimentary 30-minute Sexual Intuitive® Skype consult to see if we are a good fit to work together.

All sessions are Skype and/or in-office in Woodland Hills, CA.

 “I think that you are amazing and one of the great sexual healers of our time.”

B.Y., Colorado, (Husband) PhD Organizational Change


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